It’s raining – so I started a blog

I’m hoping to post the odd picture and thought here.  If you know me you’ll know I like taking interesting pictures.  I often have some interesting thoughts too.  I intend to combine both here.

This page is really just to get me going.

It was raining in Thandjavur back in January but the puddles were warm.  I know that because shoes were not allowed in the Brihadeshwara Temple.  It is a awe inspiring place completed over 1000 years ago.  Makes you think. I’m not sure the UK saw anything like this in those days.

Two vastly different culture then and now.  At least we share the rain in common – but in India it is a cause for rejoicing and here it is just disappointing.

Pic:  The Brihadeshwara Temple in Thandjavur (Shiva)

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